Upcoming Events

Event Description Attendance Dates Pavilion
Australian Motoring Festival The Australian Motoring Festival will connect car lovers, manufacturers and families like never before. With a demonstration track, exhibitor areas, test drives, kids' activities and new vehicle demonstrations, there's bound to be something for everyone. 40000 Thursday 26 March - Sunday 29 March 2015  Agricultural Hall (10), Boulevard Pavilion (4), Expo Hall (3), Grand Pavilion (7), Main Arena (6), RASV Centre (13), Exhibition Pavilion (1), Royal Block (5), Town Square Pavilion (8)
Supanova Supanova Pop Culture Expo is where the adoring public comes face to face with Supa-Star celebrities and the creative talent that inspire their imaginary worlds under one big roof. 20000 Saturday 11 April - Sunday 12 Apr 2015 Building 1, 3, 4 & 5
Paperific Paper Arts Tarts “Heaven on Earth for Papercraft Lovers!” – that’s what you can expect from the Melbourne Paperific Expo. Make sure you set aside a full day (or even two or three!) to come along and enjoy the show. 4000 Friday 17 April - Sunday 19 April 2015 Expo Hall (Building 3), Port Phillip Room (Building 5)
Camp Gallipoli Camp Gallipoli opens its doors to all Australians and New Zealanders to participate in a once in a lifetime event and will take your emotions on a roller coaster as its blends moving tributes with commemoration. TBC Friday 24 April - Saturday 25 April 2015 Exhibition Pavilion (Building 1), Main Arena (Building 6)
2015 Business Marketplace Meet-Buy-Sell-Connect 2000 13th May 2015 Expo Hall - Building 03, Royal Block - Building 5
Shot Show 2015 The SSAA SHOT Expo is Australia’s premier event for the Sports Shooting Industry and showcases shooting, hunting and outdoor trades to enthusiasts, those wishing to participate in the sport and the general public with the view of improving public awareness, professionalism and safety. 6000 Saturday 23 May - Sunday 24 May 2015 Exhibition Pavilion (Building 01)
Explore Australia Expo 2015 Explore Australia Expo brings together the elite of the outdoor industries and a diversity of overlapping communities, all with a thirst for adventure. Whether your passion is 4wding, touring, fishing or adventure, Explore Australia Expo is the show for you! 20000 Friday 29 May - Sunday 31 May 2015 Expo Hall (Building 3), Exhibition Pavilion (Building 1), Grand Pavilion (Building 7), Main Arena (precinct 6), Port Phillip Room (Building 5)