Venue Description Sqm Seats
Undercover Outdoor Event Space A clear span space with removable, tiered grandstand seating. 1300 750+
Town Square Grassed outdoor space, with grandstand seating. 11000 2275
Main Arena Grassed area with flood lights and a permanent grandstand. 9000 4300

Undercover Outdoor Event Space

This facility is a clear span space with tiered grandstand seating for 750 people. From outdoor displays and demonstrations to cocktail parties and auctions, this multifunctional space can transform to suit your requirements.


Pavilion features

•    1300sqm, clear span space
•    Main pedestrian access via stairs
•    Asphalt, weight-bearing floor
•    Two water and one waste point within building
•    Single phase and 3-phase power throughout
•    Public address system
•    Located directly off the main boulevard
•    High ceiling elevation

Undercover Outdoor Event Space Specifications

Sqm Seating
1300 750+


Town Square

Town Square is the heart of Melbourne Showgrounds, 11000sqm of grassed outdoor space, with grandstand seating for 2275 and the capability to host an array of events, from music festivals to outdoor displays and exhibitions, from demonstrations, graduations and team building exercises, to cocktail parties and social events. With external power and water and waste points, Town Square boasts flexibility and adaptability like no other.

Town Square Specifications

Sqm Seating
11000 2275


Main Arena

Main Arena features a 9000sqm grassed area with flood lighting and power, plus a permanent grandstand with seating for over 4300 people. This spectacular event space is ideal for sporting events and displays such as motor-cross, vehicle demonstrations and equestrian events.

Main Arena Specifications

Sqm Seating
9000 4300