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Victorian Caravan, Camping and Touring Super Show

Victorian Caravan, Camping and Touring Super Show

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The Victorian Caravan, Camping & Touring Super Show has been conducted by the Caravan Industry Association Victoria since 1954. The aim then as it is now is to encourage people to enjoy leisure activities and recreational vehicles.

The Super show has come a long way from its origins when it was first held at the site of the now Arts Centre in St Kilda Road, with only a hand full of exhibitors. Now there are over 400 exhibitors attending showing all kinds of caravan and camping products and in excess of 1000 caravans and motorhomes displayed making the show the largest of its type in Australia.

In 2015 the show moved to Melbourne Showgrounds, where over 53,000 people attended.

The event attracts not only the grey nomads but mums, dads and kids alike, with the family market now one the largest groups taking part in caravanning and camping.

Moving to Melbourne Showgrounds provided more space for exhibitors which meant more varied product especially for caravans and motorhomes, the amenities for the consumers was also better and the Caravan and Camping Industry could exhibit their product in a purpose built exhibition space.


"Victoria’s and now Australia’s largest Caravan and Camping show was held for the first time at Melbourne Showgrounds. Having out grown the previous venue the Board of the Caravan Industry Association Victoria were looking for a venue that really could show case the best our industry could offer like never before. Having looked at a number of venues it was obvious to the Board the Melbourne Showgrounds was to be place to be. With purpose built first class facilities, room to expand in coming years, excellent parking and real can do management and grounds team we are sure we have made the right decision for our members and look forward exciting times at the Melbourne Showgrounds."

Rob Lucas, CEO, Caravan Industry Association- Victoria