Managing waste and recycling

  • 72% of all waste from the Melbourne Royal Show is recycled (2013 and 2015 Waste stream volumes).
  • 100% of all Melbourne Royal Show animal bedding waste collected by specialist contractors and recycled as garden mulch and compost.
  • Introduction of three waste stream bins across the venue (red-waste, yellow-recycling, green-organics).
  • Green Catering information kit distributed to all caterers onsite to encourage minimal packaging of food items and use of recyclable products.
  • Daily bin audits to ensure all caterers are correctly distributing waste.
  • Waste and recycling testing included in venue induction.
  • Reduced volume of PET bottles from 2014.
  • Introduced paperless ticketing for Melbourne Royal Show.

Reducing water use

  • Two large portable water stations to provide event patrons with free drinking water.
  • Installation of underground water bladder with capacity to capture 300,000 litres of rainwater.
  • Native and drought tolerant plant species planted throughout the site to reduce the need for garden
  • Wetting agents (in granular form) used during planting process to effectively absorb water into soil, reducing the amount of water required.
  • Toilets flushed using water collected from installed stormwater tanks.

public transport

Partnerships with services and ticket incentives encourage the use of public transport to events, resulting in 40% of all Melbourne Royal Show patrons arriving by train or tram.

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