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Melbourne Showgrounds 30 Year Vision

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Melbourne Showgrounds 30 Year Vision

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We're considering your feedback as we finalise our Vision for Melbourne Showgrounds

Late in 2020 we released a draft 30-year vision for the future of Melbourne Showgrounds and we invited stakeholders and community members to provide their opinions on the draft Vision.

This feedback has now been summarised in the phase 2 community and stakeholder engagement report.

You can read about the draft 30-year Vision in the document library. You can also read supporting documents with details on how the draft Vision reflects your feedback from the first phase of engagement undertaken earlier in 2020.

We are now considering your feedback as we finalise our Vision for the long-term future of Melbourne Showgrounds, including some important and exciting projects that we have started examining to kick start the Vision.

Thank you and next steps

Formal consultation on the draft vision is now complete. We take this opportunity to thank our community members and stakeholders for their enthusiasm for the project and their active contributions in both phases of the consultation.

We look forward to sharing updates on the transformation of Melbourne Showgrounds. To ensure you are kept up to date with Our Showgrounds, Our Future, please register here.


Project establishment
April-May 2020

Phase 1: Community engagement
May-June 2020

Business case and draft Vision
April-July 2020

Phase 2: Community engagement
November 2020

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Document Library

 Melbourne Showgrounds Draft Vision - Key Themes

Melbourne Showgrounds Draft Vision - Current Site

Melbourne Showgrounds Draft Vision - 30 Year Vision

Melbourne Showgrounds Draft Vision - Access and Wayfinding

Melbourne Showgrounds Draft Vision - Show Overlay

Phase 1 Engagement Summary Report

Phase 2 Engagement Summary Report

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