Art of the Brick Exhibition at Melbourne Showgrounds

Melbourne Showgrounds is the home of a captivating new exhibition that combines art and play in a unique way. The Art of the Brick, based on the work of renowned LEGO® artist Nathan Sawaya, offers an entirely new perspective on art using over one million LEGO bricks and showcasing more than 100 pieces in a 360-degree environment.

Nathan Sawaya, a former New York City corporate lawyer turned world-renowned contemporary LEGO artist, has turned LEGO, a beloved childhood toy, into a lifelong obsession. His large-scale creations have stunned over 10 million people worldwide and have been featured on CNN’s list of “Must-See” exhibitions.

The Art of the Brick exhibition will be open at Melbourne Showgrounds from Sunday 14 April 2024 to Sunday 30 June 2024. Visitors can expect to immerse themselves in a world of creativity and innovation, as the exhibition combines stunning sculptures with interactive elements, including hands-on activities and collaborative art projects.

Melbourne Showgrounds, with its spacious and adaptable facilities, provides the perfect setting for this immersive experience. The exhibition will be brought to life through 3D video mapping and complemented by an uplifting musical score, creating an unforgettable artistic journey for attendees.

Don’t miss the chance to explore this imaginative world of LEGO® masterpieces and explore some of the most incredible Lego art right here in Melbourne. Purchase your tickets now and be part of this exciting artistic adventure at Melbourne Showgrounds’ Art of the Brick exhibition!

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