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There are 4 upcoming events between 9 October and 10 November

Melbourne's Annual Wedding Expo

Event space: 08 Town Square Pavilion
Event type: Public Shows
Date: Sunday 9 October 2022

Melbourne Wedding Expo is a flagship event that is not to be missed. With over 100 of Melbourne’s mo...

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Event space: 04 Boulevard Pavilion
Event type: Tradeshows
Date: Wednesday 12 October 2022 - Thursday 13 October 2022

AUSJET22 is a new dedicated biennial water jet, drain and vacuuming technology exhibition and confer...

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Underwater Pet Expo

Event space: 08 Town Square Pavilion
Event type: Public Shows
Date: Saturday 15 October 2022 - Sunday 16 October 2022

Australia's largest aquarium expo! Freshwater, brackish and marine all come together for one spectac...

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EQUITANA Melbourne 2022

Event space: Entire venue
Event type: Public Shows
Date: Thursday 10 November 2022 - Sunday 13 November 2022

INTERNATIONAL STARS ARE RETURNING TO EQUITANA! 2022 promises MORE of what you love, bringing the wo...

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