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Inclusive event facilities

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Melbourne Showgrounds is a fully accessible venue providing inclusive access for people with disabilities to buildings and facilities, equipment, information and trained staff, addressing the needs of all patrons of the venue.

Accessible features of Melbourne Showgrounds:

  • Accessible designated car parking and drop off points
  • Accessible and clear pathways from car parking to the site and facilities
  • Clear paths from outdoor to indoor areas
  • Clear external and internal signage including use of symbols
  • Wheelchair accessible seating at various locations at the venue
  • Storage space for mobility aids
  • Slip resistant floor and ground surfaces
  • Access for assistance and guide dogs including provision of water if required
  • Lift access to venue areas with audio information and Braille buttons
  • Designated, accessible toilet facilities, with sign-posted directions
  • Changing Places toilet facility, for people who cannot use standard accessible toilets. These facilities are designed to meet the needs of people with complex disabilities and their carers, and include an adult sized change table, ceiling hoist, a peninsular toilet, privacy screen and additional circulation space. Patrons using this facility will have their own personal MLAK key which allows nationwide access to Changing Places facilities.

The Melbourne Showgrounds team can offer further advice on providing inclusive event facilities and services that allow for fair access to all members of the community.