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Google Maps takes you inside Melbourne Showgrounds Pavilions

Google Maps takes you inside Melbourne Showgrounds Pavilions

360 degree virtual tour

Posted on 09 Aug, 2016
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Selecting Melbourne Showgrounds as the venue for your upcoming event has become even simpler with the ability to explore the entire site all from the comfort of your own desk, using Google Maps.


The desktop web mapping service, that offers satellite imagery and 360 degree views, now boasts imagery from inside the grounds including full visual access to pavilions and buildings. “We understand that people may not always have the time or the capacity to do site visits, particularly in the early stages of planning an event or when planning an event from interstate or overseas. So by using Google Maps, potential clients can take virtual tours throughout the venue without having to leave the office,” said Geordie Thoms, Business Relationships & Development Manager, Melbourne Showgrounds.

“The 360 degree views and photography really showcase the size and scale of our Pavilions and outdoor space and can help clients select the areas most suitable for their type of event.” Thoms says the use of the map imagery can also be helpful for planning closer to the implementation of the event, with clients being able to view facilities and plan out spacing.

“The exceptional clarity of the images allows for an event organiser to even double check some minor things such as placement of power points or fire extinguishers, which is not always as obvious with a two dimensional floor plan.”

Thoms says that Melbourne Showgrounds management is constantly looking for services for clients that are convenient and time saving.

“We completely understand how precious time is in planning an event and we are always on the lookout for ways that we can make the whole process easier on our clients and allow them to have all the information they need.”

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