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World class technologies installed at Victoria Pavilion with partner Encore

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Encore Event Technologies (Encore), responsible for delivering the tremendous Encore Studio within Melbourne Showgrounds Victoria Pavilion, has commenced the installation of state-of-the-art audiovisual throughout the Victoria Pavilion.

This investment by Encore will elevate Victoria Pavilion as one of Melbourne’s most impressive function venues that can cater for 1300 guest banquet style.

A high-level overview of installation includes:

Installation of eight ultra-bright HD projectors and screens within the Victoria Pavilion. A total of 14 locations will be available for screens and projectors to be positioned, ensuring the room’s flexibility.

An upgraded PA system, with a grid of Meyer UPA powered speakers to provide an even sound across the room. These can be rotated in any direction to suit the stage and audience positioning

An additional floor mounted concert PA including subwoofers will complement the PA system

Discreet lighting bars, enabling bespoke lighting and/or table pin spots

Two new 80-inch screens to be positioned in the foyer.

Melbourne Showgrounds look forward to sharing images of the new features in early 2021.

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